Community Health and Wellbeing fund 17

DueEast Neighbourhood Council invites applications from local groups for grants of up to £500 to the Healthy Neighbourhood Fund which is made available from Brighton and Hove City Council Public Health Department. Read More

During 2012 Brighton and Hove city council announced that it would be running two pilots to examine the potential benefits of more localised decision making. Serendipity (SES) was providing Community Development support to the Whitehawk, Manor Farm and Bristol Estates and with the encouragement of community activists applied to be one of the pilot areas. This bid was successful.

The Neighbourhood Governance Pilots ran from October 2012 until December 2013 and were held in two areas of the city one being a Political Ward - Holingdean - the other being the grouping of three estates - Whitehawk, Manor Farm, and Bristol Estate now collectively known as DueEast.