Please fill in the form if you would like to book a stall or provide an activity / performance at the Due East

Community Festival 2015.

The event is being held on Saturday 18th  July 2015  in the Centre of Whitehawk from St Cuthmans Church on

Whitehawk Way down  to the Crew Club and on green spaces in that area.

The event time is 12pm – 4.30 pm and stallholders are welcome to set up from 10am .  Details of Set up and Take

Down arrangements will be circulated nearer to the time of the event.

The Cost of a Stall is : £8 for small community and voluntary groups , £10 for larger charities and £15 for Statutory

services and commercial stalls.

The proceeds from the Festival , which is run entirely by volunteers are all ploughed back into supporting community

activity in the area.

Volunteer Cancer Champions needed now
Interested in health issues ?
Want to make a real difference to people’s lives?
Want to receive accredited training ?
Non-judgemental, friendly and up for a challenge ?
Macmillan Cancer Support has teamed up with DueEast Neighbourhood Council and right now are recruiting a team of volunteer Cancer Champions.

During 2012 Brighton and Hove city council announced that it would be running two pilots to examine the potential benefits of more localised decision making. Serendipity (SES) was providing Community Development support to the Whitehawk, Manor Farm and Bristol Estates and with the encouragement of community activists applied to be one of the pilot areas. This bid was successful.

The Neighbourhood Governance Pilots ran from October 2012 until December 2013 and were held in two areas of the city one being a Political Ward - Holingdean - the other being the grouping of three estates - Whitehawk, Manor Farm, and Bristol Estate now collectively known as DueEast.

Notice of the next meeting or activity  to be held sometime in September will be sent out to you all.
In the meantime I am sure you will not forget the opportunity to attend or participate in the 3 summer festival events in the area coming up 
Take Part - at the Manor , Manor Road . Saturday June 27th 1pm - 4pm 
DueEast Community Festival : Central Whitehawk, Saturday 18th July 12 noon to 4.30pm 
Bristol Estate Community Festival : Saturday August 29th pm .
Look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at these great events.
Best wishes
Graham Allen