DueEast Neighbourhood Council is inviting applications to a Community Wellbeing Fund designed to support local people in Whitehawk, Manor Farm and the Bristol Estate to get together to take action to improve their health and wellbeing.

    Origin of the Fund

    The health and wellbeing of people in the 3 areas above is on average worse than that of health and wellbeing of people in other areas of Brighton and Hove. So, DueEast has brought residents, patients , community groups and health and wellbeing and other services together in a new long term project to improve health and wellbeing for local people.

  • DueEast Neighbourhood Council invites applications from local groups for grants of up to £500 to the Healthy Neighbourhood Fund which is made available from Brighton and Hove City Council Public Health Department and the Fair Society Healthy Lives Fund .


    The overarching theme for grants is to support projects that impact on the health and wellbeing of the community within the Due East Neighbourhood Council area - Whitehawk, Manor Farm, and the Bristol Estate.

    In addition the Funds have the following Public Health Priorities:

    1. Projects or activities that educate to prevent people starting to smoke or support them when they are ready to stop,
    2. That promoting healthy eating, improving diet and nutrition and helping to reduce obesity
    3. Encourage active living and physical activity
    4. Improving sexual health
    5. Encouraging and supporting sensible drinking
    6. Improving mental health and wellbeing and addressing isolation using the 5 ways of wellbeing, for example.

  • following voting by 113 residents DueEast Fair Society Funds of £500 Awarded to:

    · Crew Club Health Champions

    · Park Life community picnic

  • All residents of Whitehawk, Manor Farm, Bristol Estate are invited to a Public community meeting 13th June 2018 6-8pm at Whitehawk Library BN2 5FL.

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