Ambigo want funds to bring a diverse group of people together in Whitehawk for a community dinner to support people to achieve their goals or dreams . ( Request : 500 pounds )

Park Life group seeks funds for its community campaigning activities bringing people together to fight for better parks and open spaces in the community. ( Request : 500 pounds )

Ambigo want to extend their social media campaign ‘Ambitions of Brighton ‘ to Whitehawk to help local people achieve their ambitions. ( Request : 497.40 pounds )

Friendly seated bowls exercise and lunch sessions for those who want to get out and exercise once a week and meet others at the Manor Gym.( Request : 485 pounds )

The Crew Club is setting up a group of local resident health champions doing lots of practical things to improve and promote positive wellbeing for everyone (Request : 500 pounds )


DueEast is seeking funds for community day trip to Howletts Zoo on September 3rd for local residents . (Request : 500 pounds )

East Brighton Boxing Club plans 30 sessions at the Crew Club run by qualified ABA coaches specifically for female boxers. ( Request : 500 pounds )

The Tuesday Lunch Club which meets weekly for anyone from the community at Robert Lodge wants to put on a trip out in East Sussex
( Request : 500 pounds )

A new group of local residents are seeking funds to develop a network of local people to look out for , help and support each other . (Request: 500 pounds )

The Warm Welcome Club which meets weekly at Walter May House and is open to all seeks funds for a day trip to Hastings and East Sussex on July 25th ( Request : 500 pounds )