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A chance for local parents and carers to get together with local health service workers to talk about how best to improve health and health services for local families.
At the Crew Club Wednesday 17th May 9.30 am – 12 noon.

• Refreshments available

• Free Prize Draw for all residents taking part

Monday, 15 May 2017 20:44

Imagine If…

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Let go.  Have fun.  Connect.  Explore.
Drama games for playful self-discovery
The 5 week group begins on Monday 5th June from 1.30pm2.30pm at The Whitehawk Inn
If you would like to try it out before signing up, or just want to enjoy a one-off session, come along to one of our taster sessions first:

You are warmly invited to the next Due East Crime Prevention Forum at 10am Wednesday 31st May at the Valley Social Centre Whitehawk Way Brighton BN2 5HE

Please do your best to attend.

If you attend you will be

Thursday, 15 June 2017 14:27

Death notice. Neil Smith.

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DueEast regrets to announce the sad death of one of our founding Trustees - Neil Smith - who passed away recently. Neil worked tirelessly on

Present: Anne Glow Jainene Healy Andy Silsby

Apologies. Chris El Shabba, Angie Preston

Attendance - Concern raised that some TAs are not aware of this meeting. It was explained that where a TA chair had given their contact details to SES they were included on the mailing however due to BHCC's Data Protection rules TA chairs contact details cannot be shared by their officers with outside agencies - SES follows the online guidance and provides information to the responsible RIO to be passed to the relevant person

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