Voting now underway till 20th July

Each email address has 5 (five) tokens. You can allocate any number of tokens per group from zero (don't select the project) up to five (select 5 on the project scale).

Once you have used all five tokens, you can not use any more. Any voting person who allocates more than five token will make that voting session VOID! you will have wasted your tokens. eg if you allocate 5 tokens each to two groups, that will make those votes void. You must enter a postcode to ensure you are from East Brighton. Your postcode will not be used for any other purpose. (We don't ask for names or house numbers)

Please note, videos have audio that may be loud. Youtube where we host some of our videos will not register your anonymous visit data unless you play a video. We record your email address to ensure fair voting. These will be deleted when the funding is allocated but may be held according to Google Forms policy. Entering the voting process provides consent.

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