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When communities work with each other and with local services, there are more opportunities to listen, understand each other and shape services that work. It builds skills which can lead to volunteering or employment and create a greater sense of belonging across communities and neighbourhoods. Supporting communities to develop networks with friends and neighbours creates more community activities, reducing social isolation, improving wellbeing, and reducing the need for more specialist services. This NAP aims to fulfil the commitment within the Brighton and Hove Collaboration Framework working collaboratively to improve and develop East Brighton.
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‘Fair Society , Healthy Lives’ Community Wellbeing Fund 18/19


DueEast Neighbourhood Council is inviting applications to a Community Wellbeing Fund designed to support local people in Whitehawk, Manor Farm and the Bristol Estate to get together to take action to improve their health and wellbeing.

Origin of the Fund

The health and wellbeing of people in the 3 areas above is on average worse than that of health and wellbeing of people in other areas of Brighton and Hove. So, DueEast has brought residents, patients , community groups and health and wellbeing and other services together in a new long term project to improve health and wellbeing for local people.


This project is called “Fair Society, Healthy Lives “ , inspired by the report of that name by Professor Marmot in 2010 who found that health inequalities arise from many factors including ; housing , income , education, social isolation and disability. The lower one’s social and economic status, the poorer one’s health is likely to be.


Aim of the Fund

The new Fund has one simple goal ; to support activities that help local people in the Whitehawk, Manor Farm and Bristol Estate neighbourhoods to come together to put on activities that help them to enjoy better health and wellbeing.

In addition to supporting activities that address traditional health and wellbeing issues such as improving physical health , promoting exercise and active recreation , improving socialization , the Fund will also support ideas from local people that aim to address some of the wider social and economic drivers of health and wellbeing such as housing, income , education, social isolation and disability.

Who can apply ?

Community groups , groups of residents and any organization working with local people to help improve their health and wellbeing can apply for up to £500 from the new Wellbeing Fund.

Existing groups , projects and organizations can apply but the Fund would also like to encourage groups of local people to come together to create new groups and new activities. If a group of residents comes forward with a good idea but is not currently organized formally with a constitution and a bank account requiring at least 2 signatories then a named constituted group must hold the funds for them. Serendipity can help applicants plan this and will in certain circumstances hold the funds for approved projects .

Local community groups run by and for local people will be prioritized but public and private health and wellbeing organizations and services can apply if their project applications demonstrate partnership working and that they are creating new resident-led and empowering health and wellbeing activities meeting the objectives of the ‘wider social determinants of health “ model of Professor Michael Marmot.

Deadline : Applications must be submitted by 5pm Friday 16th November 2018


How to Apply : On no more than 2 sides of A4 provide the following information:

  • Contact name and address, e-mail address, Tel/mobile nos.

  • Group/Organisation Name if relevant

  • Name of Project or Activity

  • Start and End Date of activity

  • Details of Project/Activity -What are you going to do?

  • How this impacts on the themes and priorities of this fund.

  • Number, type, and location of beneficiaries - Who are you going to work with, how many people , where?

  • How are you going to prove that your activity improved health and wellbeing? How can you show you did what you said you would?

  • Project Cost - with breakdown - How much/what for?

  • Funding requested - with breakdown (if relevant where is the rest of the money coming from)

  • Sustainability or Exit Strategy - What happens at the end of the Funding?.

  • Additional Information - How do we know you can deliver it? for example.

Send this information marked “Fair Society, Healthy Lives “ Application by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Deadline 5pm . Friday 16th November 2018

Short Video : Applicants are requested to create a short one - minute long video ( filmed on a mobile will be fine) as part of the application process. Videos will be uploaded on dueeast website for local people to view and vote for their favourite projects. Contact us below if you require any support with this.

Decision Making : Local people will be able to have their say about which projects they wish to support by voting on line from 21st November for a week and in person at the “ Xmas Market ‘ community event in Whitehawk on Weds 28th November . All applicant videos will be put on line during that week to enable local people to vote on line .

A panel of local residents will consider the results of the public and online voting in making final decisions about successful local projects and these will be notified ....

All projects receiving funding will be expected to maintain records of expenditure related to the project and to report to the community at a future event/activity/meeting about the impact of their work on the health of local people.

If you have any queries about this Fund or making an application please contact Graham Allen, Community Development Worker, Serendipity, Tel:01273 272767

07753 296072 . E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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