Bus changes April 2019

There will be changes to a number of Brighton & Hove bus routes from the start of our Summer timetable on 28 April 2019.  Once again, a number of these are the result of suggestions made by our passengers and drivers, as well as Brighton Buswatch and students.

Full timetables in our online Bus Times are available here and in the new Bus Times book due out by 15 April.


1, 1A

Minor timing changes to some peak journeys to improve reliability. New night bus service to Whitehawk - please see route N21.

21, 21A, 21E

Minor timing changes in the early morning. New night bus service to Queens Park, Manor Hill and Whitehawk - please see route N21.


Revised timetable to better match university lecture times following feedback from students. Improved afternoon peak service. Afternoon journey retimed to suit Brighton Academy finish time.


Revised to additionally serve North Road, Old Steine stop H and North Street stop Y following feedback from customers.


New night bus service on Monday to Saturday nights for East Brighton.

The N21 will operate from Brighton Station via Queens Road, North Street, St James’s Street, Upper Rock Gardens, Egremont Place, Queens Park Road, Down Terrace, Freshfield Road, Manor Hill and Manor Way before returning to Brighton Station via Whitehawk Road and Eastern Road.

Services will divert via Swanborough Drive, Whitehawk or Bristol Estate if requested by passengers on board the bus.

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