As part of the update to the website, we are looking for images to adorn the front page.
The images should be able to be cropped to size around 980px × 350px and landscape orientated pictures are best

You can submit any picture you like as long as it depicts the area oer life in the area. There is no prize or fee for this appeal, just a credit on the main page .
You need to register on the site to upload the image so we can properly credit you . upload them at this link

small print.
sending your picture to us confirms you agree that:

you have to rights to submit it (its not copyright by some one else),
you accept there will be no payment apart from a credit for the image.
this is not a competition.
images submitted should be suitable for resizing to the stated size and are cropped at the will of the website team (eg no icons ).
you grant us rights to show your picture on the website without payment or dues.