Bicycle Ballet are inviting you to co-create and perform the Cilia Dance: a conversation using movement, rather than words, to explore how we travel around the city. Moving in lines and clusters, dancing looped sequences that describe, epitomise & reflect how we all move around the city: scooting, skating, walking, running, cycling, driving, riding…. A playful, fun and collaborative exchange; to dance in each other’s shoes and start a conversation about how we move around the city: access (and barriers) to transport, its impact on the environment and our health.  

Join us for a free dance workshops in September, take part in the conversation and co-create a brand-new dance piece to be performed on Brighton Car Free Day! 

Workshop in East Brighton (venue TBC): Monday 13th September from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm

Performance:  25th of September, 3 - 3.45 pm  (City Centre)

Commitment: one 2-hour workshop plus a refresher 2-hour rehearsal and a 45 min performance on 25th September, approx 11am-4pm

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