Getting involved with the NHS and creating a community health action plan for YOUR Neighbourhood

Come and Chat about your Concerns, Priorities, and ways you think WE can improve local services

Tuesday 31st May : Drop In between 6pm – 9pm
The Crew Club , 26, Coolham Drive , Brighton BN2 5QW


What is this about?

This informal drop in session will focus on local health issues. We will explore together how the local community can develop an action plan to take forward changes and improvements that work for you, and your family, within Whitehawk, Manor Farm, and the Bristol Estate

Why should you come?

This is your neighbourhood and local Health Services should meet your needs. We need to know of your concerns, of what is not working for you, how services could be improved - along with confirming what you think works well in the area cover by DueEast Neighbourhood Council. Together we can work with friends and neighbours to develop a partnership plan of action for joint delivery between local residents and the. We can make a difference and help services to be improved.

What difference will attending make

By attending you will have helped shape a local health action plan, agreed how to take it forward and who to present it to. If you want to you can find out about different ways to get involved, and confidently influence others using a range of techniques.

A priority for the evening is residents and patients living or working in the Whitehawk, Manor Farm and Bristol Estate areas who want to make a difference to health and wellbeing in their neighbourhoods.