The CO-OP have launched a nationwide search in partnership with our friends at Neighbourhood Watch to find and celebrate some of the UK’s most considerate neighbours. We’re talking about the local heroes in your street and community whose acts of kindness really set them apart.
Members have shaped the criteria that we’re using to judge this award. They told us that the main things that made the people next door great neighbours were their willingness to look out for each other, being sociable and friendly, offering practical help and being kind, caring and respectful.

If you’ve got someone who ticks all these boxes and more, tell us all about them and how they go above and beyond. And if there’s someone you know whose one-off act of heroism deserves special recognition, we’d love to hear about that too.
Click to join in below and you’ll be taken to our nomination form where you can share your stories of great neighbourly activities and acts of kindness.

Need more information?
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