Present: Anne Glow Jainene Healy Andy Silsby

Apologies. Chris El Shabba, Angie Preston

Attendance - Concern raised that some TAs are not aware of this meeting. It was explained that where a TA chair had given their contact details to SES they were included on the mailing however due to BHCC's Data Protection rules TA chairs contact details cannot be shared by their officers with outside agencies - SES follows the online guidance and provides information to the responsible RIO to be passed to the relevant person

BHCC Update

Thanks for full and detailed report showing favourable comparison to city wide provision. - attached

Swallow Court: Detailed plans previously circulated - no objections or concerns raised through this group.

Update - BHCC have released a statement following the recent London Tower Block Fire:

|“Our thoughts are with the people affected by the terrible fire at Grenfell Tower and
|we thank the London Fire Brigade, the London Ambulance Service, all medical staff
|and council colleagues for their responses; and their bravery.
|“The safety of our residents is of paramount importance to us. All council owned
|high rise blocks are inspected by the council each year to ensure they are compliant
|with current standards.
|“We work closely with East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service through our Housing Fire
|Health & Safety Board to review and oversee compliance with current fire safety
|regulations in our housing stock, in particular high rise blocks. The board has met
|this morning and has discussed the Grenfell Tower fire.
|“A pilot sprinkler system - funded by Brighton & Hove City Council and East Sussex
|Fire & Rescue Service - was completed in 2016 at Somerset Point - a high rise
|seniors housing scheme in the city.
|“Working closely with our partners we have been able to increase the housing capital
|budget for works to reduce fire risk. We’re proposing sprinkler systems in two further
|high rise blocks in the city, subject to resident consultation in the blocks concerned.
|“As is the case with any major incident, we - along with our partners - will review
|processes and systems, but until the results of investigations into Grenfell Tower fire
|are available we cannot speculate on the potential cause or causes.”

Next meeting 10th January 2018 10.00


Our Neighbourhood Performance Report Q4 2016-17