Children and Families


    1/  The group agreed that the reps ( lorraine &Sandra ) will get out and about in the next 2 months to meet as many parents carers, children & young people as possible to get there views to help with the process of setting a plan for the next few years of work.


    2/. There were good links made with a number of services. With invert actions for workers and volunteers to visit each other's projects.

    Some drop in sessions will be held for parents and carers across the area.


    3/ Several issues were flagged up to go to other Due East themed groups.

    a. Experiences of families registering with dentist and being struck off  this will go to Health and wellbeing group

    b. The need for early intervention with some primary school aged children who are demonstrating signs of devolving poor behaviour, attitude this will go to crime prevention forum.