• Be Part of a new Patients Group in Whitehawk

    Be Part of a new Patients Group in Whitehawk

    Are you a patient at the Broadway Surgery or The Practice GP surgeries?

    Would you like to provide regular feedback to the surgeries and work with them to develop their services?

    If YES, then come to the launch of the

  • Concerned about health issues from GPs to Hospital?



    DueEast resident? (BN2 5)

     Come to next NC meeting 23 March 6pm Whitehawk Library

  • coronovirus covid19 update 20042020


    National Updates

    New government guidance and updates to existing ones

    • Children and Young People
    • Schools
    • Travel
    • Funerals
      • Further guidance for those managing or organising funerals during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.
      • Council Covid Update


        Meetings of full council and committees need to be considered to ensure that they are necessary and proportionate and that all steps are taken to minimise risk. 

        Attendance by the public will be restricted to the numbers that can be accommodated safely taking the advice from Public Health England.

        The public will be encouraged to watch proceedings via webcast and those wanting to ask questions, present petitions or deputations will be advised the need to minimise attendance in person and offered the option of questions, petitions, deputations being taken as read, receiving written responses.

        You can look at the calendar of meetings for more information about recent or upcoming committees and to find out if they are being held.

      • Covid 19 - coronovirus

        During this time of Corona virus here is a list of groups across Brighton and Hove that can help those in need of assistance!

        with more listed on a Google spreadsheet at


      • Design a logo for Wellesbourne

        Design a logo for Wellesbourne Healthcare.

        Entries by 22nd May, download if its not clear for you


      • DueEast Health and Wellbeing Group meeting held on June 2nd.

        Notice of the next meeting or activity  to be held sometime in September will be sent out to you all.
        In the meantime I am sure you will not forget the opportunity to attend or participate in the 3 summer festival events in the area coming up 
        Take Part - at the Manor , Manor Road . Saturday June 27th 1pm - 4pm 
        DueEast Community Festival : Central Whitehawk, Saturday 18th July 12 noon to 4.30pm 
        Bristol Estate Community Festival : Saturday August 29th pm .
        Look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at these great events.
        Best wishes
        Graham Allen
      • Have Your Say! About health issues for families

        A chance for local parents and carers to get together with local health service workers to talk about how best to improve health and health services for local families.
        At the Crew Club Wednesday 17th May 9.30 am – 12 noon.

        • Refreshments available

        • Free Prize Draw for all residents taking part

      • Heat-health watch

        Amber — Heatwave action

        Triggered when the Met Office confirms threshold temperatures for one of more regions have been reached for one day and the following night, and the forecast for the next day has a greater than 90% confidence level that the day threshold temperature will be met. This stage requires social and healthcare services to target specific actions at high-risk groups.

      • Here is an update from Wellsbourne Healthcare.

        Dear friend of Wellsbourne Healthcare

        We hope that you and your family and friends are all staying safe during the current outbreak.  This is just to let you know about what’s happening at Wellsbourne Healthcare now and in the coming weeks.

        Infection Control To keep visitors and staff as safe as possible, we are open during our normal hours but we are asking people not to come to the surgery in person.  Instead, people can contact us by phone on 01273 000544 for all enquiries, appointments and repeat prescriptions.  If we do ask you to come in person, we have made arrangements to keep everyone safely distanced.  The Broadway Surgery is doing the same.  Lloyds Pharmacy is also open.

      • important information in it about your GP surgery – The Practice Whitehawk Road

        closed image

        We wrote to you a little while ago to tell you that the company that runs your GP surgery is not going to do that anymore. The company is called The Practice Group.  

        The Practice Whitehawk Road will carry on being your GP surgery until Wednesday 30th November 2016.

        30th November
        Then The Practice Whitehawk Road will close for good.

      • In Shape for Life

        From 15th September - Tuesday 11-1145 Adult session, Tuesday 12-1230 over 60's




      • NHS and creating a community health plan for YOUR Neighbourhood

        Getting involved with the NHS and creating a community health action plan for YOUR Neighbourhood

        Come and Chat about your Concerns, Priorities, and ways you think WE can improve local services

        Tuesday 31st May : Drop In between 6pm – 9pm
        The Crew Club , 26, Coolham Drive , Brighton BN2 5QW


        What is this about?

      • Older Peoples Council Meeting


        10:15am to 1:00pm Tuesday 15th September 2015

        Jubilee Library , Conference Room 1

      • Speakout East Drop-in

        we have started a drop-in for adults with learning disabilities at Whitehawk Library every thursday from 11am til 1pm. People are welcome to just come along or they can contact me or Sarah on 01273 421921.

        It would be really great to make contact with local people who have learning difficulties.
        If you have a meeting coming up maybe one of us could come along.

      • The national contact tracing service has started today (28 May)


        The national contact tracing service has started today (28 May), guidance and info is available here:

        The app is free and simple to use. Once you’ve downloaded the app, Bluetooth technology on your phone will record the distance between other phones that also have the app installed. If you become unwell with symptoms of coronavirus, you can allow the app to inform the NHS. This will trigger a notification that the NHS will then send anonymously to all other app users who you’ve been in significant contact with over the previous few days. Affected app users will be sent official NHS advice on what to do next.

      • Well in Whitehawk Day!

        An invitation to come along to the official launch of Wellsbourne Healthcare Community Interest Company



      • Whitehawk Foodbank has been given a grant by the Hendy Foundation

        Hendy Foundation has donated £333 to Whitehawk Foodbank which provides short term emergency provisions for those in Whitehawk and the wider East Brighton area

        Sean Avard, food bank manager said clients needing support has increased dramatically since the start of the pandemic.

        He said: “Before the pandemic we were providing food for around 50 people per week but this has risen to more than 220 adults and 150 children per week.
        "Each meal costs an average of £1.65 so the Hendy Foundation donation has provided 201 meals to those in need and we thank the foundation for thinking of us at this time."

        Hendy Foundation chair Rebecca Hendy said the trustees had pledged to help a number of foodbanks during the crisis.