• 39 Manor Hill Consultation

    East Brighton Trust is planning to develop the site we own at 39 Manor Hill.
    The property is made up of one residential first floor flat and the ground floor has been let to a number of different local community groups over the years. After much thought on how the building could be best used, we have narrowed it down to two options.
  • Findon way housing

    Feedback about plans for scores of new homes in Whitehawk has helped kickstart a drive to improve the area.

    The council wants to build 58 flats at Findon Road on the old library site and 28 flats on the empty Wellsbourne site on Whitehawk Road, near the Hub. Most will be rented to social tenants, with some possibly sold to fund the scheme.

    A consultation event on March saw residents flag up areas for improvement by placing suggestion cards on a scale model of the scheme within the estate.

    Now, this feedback is being used for a workshop held by Due East Neighbourhood Council between 10am and midday this Thursday at the Valley Social Club on Whitehawk Way to put together an action plan.