• Bicycle Ballet are inviting you to co-create and perform the Cilia Dance

    Bicycle Ballet are inviting you to co-create and perform the Cilia Dance: a conversation using movement, rather than words, to explore how we travel around the city. Moving in lines and clusters, dancing looped sequences that describe, epitomise & reflect how we all move around the city: scooting, skating, walking, running, cycling, driving, riding…. A playful, fun and collaborative exchange; to dance in each other’s shoes and start a conversation about how we move around the city: access (and barriers) to transport, its impact on the environment and our health.  

    Join us for a free dance workshops in September, take part in the conversation and co-create a brand-new dance piece to be performed on Brighton Car Free Day! 

    Workshop in East Brighton (venue TBC): Monday 13th September from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm

  • Bus services increase from 18th May

    From Monday 18 May service levels on routes 1, 1A, 12, 12A, 24, 26 & 49 will be increasing to continue to enable physical distancing.

    Routes 2, 25 & 46 have also been revised. Plus, there will be some timing changes on route 27 in response to passenger feedback. Special timetables for Mondays to Saturdays from Monday 18 May are available here. The Sunday and bank holiday special timetables from Sunday 17 May are available here.