DueEast for Whitehawk, Manor farm and Bristol Estate

DueEast History


During 2012 Brighton and Hove city council announced that it would be running two pilots to examine the potential benefits of more localised decision making.  Serendipity (SES) was providing Community Development support to the Whitehawk, Manor Farm and Bristol estates and with the encouragement of community activists applied to be one of the pilot areas.  This bid was successful.

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This group has prioritiesed communication methods for the current year - Newsletter, Posters, Web, Tweets, and Blog.  Training in newsletter production has been requested and there is an open invitation to residents to get involved on the 13th October when the next newsletter is being compiled - our first being printed on yellow paper to assist it being read by people with dyslexia.  We would really welcome more resident involvement at all stages and forms of the communication work - you do not need to attend meeting but can complete tasks in your own time.

Enterprise and Employment

Primary work has been trying to get the introduction of limited free parking on the Broadway to assist in its regeneration.  This work has brought about a proposed policy change by BHCC Officers that would benefit many other neighborhoods where local shops are threatened by the introduction of parking restrictions.

Housing (Our Neighbourhood)

Committee has assisted representatives of the Bristol Estate talk directly to Mears to tackle estate wide issues caused by the refurbishment programme there

Housing (Tenants and Residents Together - TARTs)

Mike Moon of City Clean has been asked to meet with this group to discuss how the Community and City Clean can work together to improve and increase refuse and recycling throughout the estates.

Have raised the issue about local people taking over responsibility for cleaning/managing cleaning in common ways and being involved in providing a small repairs service

Crime Prevention

The Due East Neighbourhood Crime Prevention Forum Sub group is a close partnership of local residents and responsible agencies whose aim is to enable the Due East Neighbourhood to continue to be a safe and enjoyable place for residents to live. It currently has identified 3 priority areas, agreed with the Neighbourhood Policing team, of Reducing drug crime, addressing the issue of anti social/illegal motorcycling activity, and improving ownership / local responsibility and pride in our neighbourhood. A Police update is received at every meeting - COME ALONG AND HELP YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD CONTINUE TO BE A SAFE PLACE TO LIVE AND WORK.

Equalities and Inclusion


The Due East Neighbourhood Council Equalities & Inclusion Sub Group exists to recognise and celebrate the wealth of diversity that exists within the Due East neighbourhood. The group works to develop and share greater understanding of issues faced by local residents and help to address the barriers that prevent involvement. LETS ENJOY OUR DIFFERENCES & SHARE OUR STRENGTHS.


The Due East Neighbourhood Council Environment Sub Group exists to improve the physical environment for local residents to enable people to enjoy and take pride in their neighbourhood. The group works with partners across a range of interests from promoting and supporting the use of the surrounding beautiful countryside,improving rubbish management and collection, supporting the use of allotments and growing projects to and enabling people to take ownership of unused pieces of land to grow flowers -SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE!