DueEast for Whitehawk, Manor farm and Bristol Estate

Neigbourhood police

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East Brighton ward by-election 2018

An election will be held on Thursday 8 February 2018 to fill the vacancy of councillor in the East Brighton ward of Brighton & Hove City Council.


Ed Baker Green Party Candidate
Nancy Platts Labour Party Candidate
George Taylor Liberal Democrats
Edward Wilson The Conservative Party Candidate

Whitehawk Inn


A COMMUNITY centre that supports vulnerable people in one of the most deprived parts of the city could be forced to close.

The Whitehawk Inn provides adult education classes, support and advice for people living in east Brighton. But the centre, owned by Brighton Housing Trust, looks set to close at the end of March because the charity can no longer afford to run it.

Residents and service users said they were saddened by the end of a vital amenity in Whitehawk.

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Our Neighbourhood Minutes 15th June 2017

Present: Anne Glow Jainene Healy Andy Silsby

Apologies. Chris El Shabba, Angie Preston

Attendance - Concern raised that some TAs are not aware of this meeting. It was explained that where a TA chair had given their contact details to SES they were included on the mailing however due to BHCC's Data Protection rules TA chairs contact details cannot be shared by their officers with outside agencies - SES follows the online guidance and provides information to the responsible RIO to be passed to the relevant person

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